Let's Recap [Most Of] Super Bowl XLVII's Commercials

Cars, Part 2

"Get In. Get Happy." - Volkswagen
Telling me something will make me talk like a Rastafarian isn't much of a selling point. But then, Germans are pretty dense.

"Phoenix" - Lincoln
Fittingly, a commercial as boring as their cars.

"Hotbots/Space Bables" - Kia
I had to look up the name of the cars advertised ("Forte" and "Sorento") because the only memorable thing about the commercial was the hot androids beating up a nerd. Oh, and space babies.

"The Farmer" - Dodge
What did god say about agriculture subsidies, Paul Harvey?

"Soul" - Mercedes-Benz
Willem Dafoe has now played both Satan and Jesus. And I am probably the millionth person to make that observation.

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