Let's Recap [Most Of] Super Bowl XLVII's Commercials

Cars, Part 1

"Epic Playdate" - Hyundai
Sorry, Hyundai. Not even the presence of the Lips will convince me to buy your shitty cars.

"Prom" - Audi
Everything after mom pins the corsage on was a fantasy, right?

And do people actually go to the prom alone? I thought that was a John Hughes invention.

"Team" - Hyundai again
Cute, and bonus points for use of Quiet Riot's "Metal Health."

"Car Genie" - Toyota
Kaley Cuoco plays the Barbara Eden role in a decent spot that's miles funnier than any episode of Big Bang Theory ever made.

"Wolf Mother" - cars.com
Man, whatever happened to those guys?

"Stuck" - Hyundai
Maybe space your ads out a little further. That's three Hyundai spots in the first hour. Liked the dog slobber, though.

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