10 Most Ridiculous Robot Masters from Mega Man

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2. Strike Man: The idea of the automatic pitching machine goes back to a gunpowder-powered (read: Holy shit, that's cool!) model developed in 1897. The main approach has changed little since then. Behold Strike Man, built to be the first baseball that knows you're hitting it. Come on, guys, you already have robots that are essentially just pumps, Zippo lighters and trains. Let the pitching machine have legs and a face, not the ball. It's less sad than a being whose entire existence consists of desperately hoping you miss it with a baseball bat like some kind of Lifetime Network version of Wall-E.

1. Top Man: Easily the most inexplicable robot master is Top Man. Back when Dr. Light and Dr. Wily were partners, Top Man was designed to explore alien worlds...using his ability to spin fast until he gets dizzy. My three-year-old can do that. Since as far as I know NASA does not use dreidels to power the Mars rover, the reason Top Man would be used for space travel was probably that he was the shittiest, most expendable robot.

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MadMac topcommenter

FUNNY! Never heard of the title but this story MUST top (puns) game play. 

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