10 Most Ridiculous Robot Masters from Mega Man

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6. Cold Man: On the surface, Cold Man sounds awesome. His entire life is dedicated to preserving dinosaur DNA inside himself at absolute zero! It probably took five minutes after the high-fiving ended before someone realized that all they did was make a freezer sentient, mobile and in a very odd way pregnant forever with giant thunder lizards. I can see this in no way causing an existential crisis.

5. Sheep Man: Sheep Man has to be a dare. There is simply no other explanation for his existence. Despite resembling an animal we use as the perfect example of mindless complacency, he actually does have kind of a cool story. Built for herding, he changed jobs when he noticed static electricity on his wool and got into electrical engineering. That would be an American success story of a great inventor if we could get past the fact that someone had built a bloody sheepbot!

4. Shadow Man: Further proof that everyone in the Mega Man universe deserves a painful death from their new robot overlords. Shadow Man was found deactivated and made of an unknown, possibly alien, metal and carrying a giant, poison-covered pointy thing. So of course the first thing Doctor Wily did was reactivate him. This is meant to explain all of the parts of human history that have been on fire.

3. Solar Man: The Mega Man series has a bigger hard-on for solar energy than Barack Obama and Al Gore having lunch at Whole Foods, but at least they understand the premise. You use sunlight to power things. Well, Solar Man's logic is that you can best use the sun as a power source if you attach it to your head. This sounds suspiciously like something that came about whenever someone said the robot equivalent of, "Hold my beer and watch this."

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MadMac topcommenter

FUNNY! Never heard of the title but this story MUST top (puns) game play. 

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