Person Of Interest: The "One Percent"

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That's it, Reese; play hard to get.
This week's episode of POI finally answered the age old (well, 1.5 seasons old anyway) question: how do you protect a person who doesn't want protection?

They've skirted the issue thus far because everyone the Machine identifies is in such dire straits they've welcomed the assistance of Messrs Reese and Finch, sometimes with tears of relief streaming down their faces. But what about someone who doesn't care if he lives or dies? Someone so ambivalent about his future he shrugs off any attempts to keep him safe? And then what if that person had unlimited wealth?

I agree; sounds like a real pain in the ass.

The Number of the Week is self-made billionaire genius named Logan Pierce (Jimmi Simpson) whose immense wealth comes courtesy of the massively popular social media site he created called "Friendczar," which sounds like a dating site for ex-Spetznaz members. Simpson looks a lot like a less angsty Thom Yorke.

There's no lack of suspects: Justin Ogilvie is his partner and money guy. Jeremy Campbell is Pierce's lawyer. Sinlair Melbourne is chairman of the Freindczar board. None of them appreciate Pierce's eccentricities and all of them have vaguely sinister names. Well, except maybe Campbell, so it's probably him.

Det. Carter (Taraji P. Henson) has some time to kill now that the FBI has pulled up stakes, so she'sl snooping around the missing/presumed (actually confirmed by us) dead Det. Davidson. Fusco (Kevin Chapman) maybe kind of sort of tries to come clean, but Carter's having none of it. "I'm still a cop." I'm not sure of the point of their plot line this episode: Carter will unsympathetically nail Fusco if he's involved? Even if he can prove he was under duress?

Mr. Reese's (Jim Caviezel) best chance to connect with Pierce is at a charity auction. Pierce is, as Mr. Finch says, "A one percenter who finds other one percenters tedious." This statement in itself is tedious. Here we also meet husband and wife Ben and Cynthia Kamen, whose own social media site was ruined by Friendczar. This doesn't prevent Cynthia. Kamen from boning Pierce, however. I believe this gives Ben something we call "motive," but I'm no Big City Detective.

I could literally find no Reese-less pics for this episode.
What the, flashbacks? It's 2001. September 11, 2001, in fact. and Mr. Finch (Michael Emerson) and Nathan Ingram (Brett Cullen) watch the coverage of the attacks while the latter laments this rotten world. They "started IFT to change the world," he says. And now they can. In comic book parlance, that would be the beginning of the Machine's origin story. The next flashback leapfrogs to 2009, past the creating and selling of the Machine, and Ingram still wants to use it for the greater good. Finch demurs, leaving Ingram to go solo trying to protect the first ever NOTW, a woman dealing with an abusive partner. When last we see Ingram, he's holding a gun and presumably about to take matters into his own hands. Was attempting to do Reese's job what got him killed?

Back in 2013, the list of potential enemies grows, thanks to Friendczar's aggressive patent infringement lawsuits. Enter Emily Morton, who sold her dating site "Alchementary" to Pierce, who then buried it. Pierce doesn't help by being a flake (bailing on depos to go get a Coney Island hot dog, for example. But someone wants him dead for sure, as evidenced by persons unknown hacking into his car's brakes. Someone with computer skills who designed complex algorithms for their now in limbo dating site, perhaps? Seems a bit on the nose.

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