Final Video Game Atlas Entry: Narshe

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Houston Press has thoroughly enjoyed bringing you our regular guidebook to video game worlds, but your humble traveler is reporting from his final destination. Thanks for reading, and for more video game maps visit VGMaps.

Name: Narshe, Final Fantasy series

Population: 234

Government: Autonomous capitalist collective run by an elder

Here follows the final entry of the Atlas. I had managed to locate a linking book on Myst Island, but instead of leading me to the Earth residence of my old friend Atrus I ended up in the Northern regions of the World of Balance. Luckily I was well above the harsh, hot sands of the Figaro Desert, and was able to make my way through the pleasant plains to the town of Narshe.

Of all the places in video games Narshe is probably my favorite. Being a Texas boy, I feel a senses of wonder when I see the snowy fields behind the town and the extensive mountains that protect it from the harshest of the polar winds. The city is a wonderful example of post-magical society technological advancement. As the world's top coal producing location it is responsible for a good deal of the energy on the planet, and thermal vents both power steam engines and keep the various buildings pleasantly warm.

A Moogle
It's not necessarily the most friendly place on the map if you're into spouting off random political philosophy. Neutrality is the goal of the town elders, and they have little sympathy for either rabble rousing or outspoken vocal support for the Gestahlian Empire. They simply want to be left alone in peace to work their mines and live their lives. It's the perfect place to retire as long as you can stand the cold and don't mind a little physical exertion, and the local drinks are excellent.

That's not to say that the town holds no secrets at all. I can personally attest to the remains of two legendary espers left over from the War of the Magi being located in the town. One was recently excavated from a coal seam, while the other sits hidden in the hands of a shop owner in magicite form. Tensions about how the discovery of these powerful magical remains might affect the fragile balance Narshe maintains with the Empire have put the town guard on alert. For a peaceful nation, their fighting force is top notch, though probably no match for Magitek Armor.

The caves of Narshe are also home to the race of the Moogles. Standing about half the size of a grown-man, the race resembles large bipedal cats with small pink bat wings protruding from their backs. They also sport a single antennae from their foreheads ending in a red or yellow puff ball. Though the race does not generally speak human language, they are a helpful and peaceful race, not to mention OH GOD THAT IS SO CUTE! They can be deadly if threatened, though, and some have mastered the powers of geomancy.

There are rumors of a yeti inhabiting the furthest reaches of the cave system, and a strange hairy form has been reported in the cliffs above the town. Not much is known about the illusive humanoid race, save that they're extremely large, strong, can use basic tools and are capable of limited speech. No attacks or disappearances have been reported, so it's safe to assume if the yeti does exist he's not dangerous.

All in all, Narshe is a fine place to rest from my travels, probably permanently. Thank you very much, gentle readers, for following my adventures. As an old man I met in Fallout told me before he disappeared, ""One day, I shall come back. Yes, I shall come back. Until then, there must be no regrets, no tears, no anxieties. Just go forward in all your beliefs and prove to me that I am not mistaken in mine."

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