Mortal Kombat: Legacy Returns With a New Trailer

More heartbreaking is the loss of Ryan Robbins as Lord Raiden. The Raiden story, which found the Thunder God imprisoned in an insane asylum, drugged, lobotomized, and desperate to escape was the best thing about Season 1 even though there was almost no action at all. It was good enough to be a short film in its own right, and as I covered American Horror Story: Asylum this last year all I could think about the whole time was Mortal Kombat: Legacy did it better. You don't get to see much of David Lee McInnis in the role in the trailer, but he's got a high bar to clear,

On the whole, Season 2 looks to focus on Liu Kang and the continuing story of Scorpion. Kang, played by Brian Tee, seems to be something of a broken man seeking his own destruction in the Mortal Kombat tournament, which is a departure from the more one-dimensional hero he is known for. It feels just a tad too emo at the moment, but we'll have to see how it plays out in the larger context.

In any case Ian Anthony Dale is back as Scorpion. You can pretty much lay the buzz and success of Mortal Kombat: Rebirth right at the feet of Dale's portrayal of the ninja, and even though he wasn't dealt the best script in Season 1 he still managed to make Scorpion a role we could love and believe in. More exposition on the history of the Lin Kuei sagas appears to be on the table, but it's equally clear that we'll finally get to see Scorpion in spectre form in action. It's about damned time.

All in all, Mortal Kombat: Legacy did wonders for the art form that is the web series by changing all the rules when it comes to big money franchises. It has its missteps, and there were places where frankly it was very apparent Warner Bros. was keeping a leash on Tancharoen to market research how best to move forward with the upcoming feature film, but on the whole it was a grand endeavor that might be the best official video game adaptation of all time. Check out the trailer below, and you can bet we'll be here to cover Season 2 when it goes live on later this year.

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