Mortal Kombat: Legacy Returns With a New Trailer

It's been two years since Kevin Tancharoen finished the first season of his Mortal Kombat web series, a daring if at times flawed reimagining of the Mortal Kombat universe that was nonetheless an incredible accomplishment in the world of web series. We covered it avidly, and are pleased to see that Season 2 is finally on its way complete with a recently revealed trailer showing us what to expect.

Clearly the budget for the series has been upped considerably, not that a lack of funds ever seemed to hurt the first season except when it came time to have Kitana wield her bladed fans. Sam Tjhia seems to be more confident and deadly as the Outworld Princess this time around, though her outfit is still ridiculous. Michelle Lee replaces Jolene Tran as her mutated twin Mileena, and Lee seems to be bringing a bit more bite to the role than Tran. We'll have to see if she has the fight chops, as the all too brief battle between the sisters was not only one of the bright spots of their poorly thought out segment, but maybe the top fight scene of the series.

The biggest news from the trailer is that Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa has been cast as tournament organizer Shang Tsung. Tagawa played the sorcerer in the original Mortal Kombat movie, and was arguably the only truly enjoyable part of that horrid Hollywood experiment in video game cinema. Not only did he hold his own as a warrior against Robin Shou's Liu Kang, but he displayed all the brilliant menace of a Hammer Horror villain.

He features heavily in the trailer, which is appropriate as he is arguably the biggest star involved and the season is supposed to focus more on the tournament itself this time around. I don't know if we'll get much kung fu out of the 62-year-old actor, but it's clear his ability to invoke sinister evil has only gotten better with age. Plus, he has even begun to uncannily resemble the original aged Tsung for the first game. I can't imagine that any scene Tagawa is in will be anything less than pure awesome.

Not all the recasting news is good, unfortunately. None of the cast of the Jax/Sonya/Kano segments are returning, and that is a damn shame. Darren Shahlavi's Kano jumpstarted the series as a criminal mastermind worthy of one of the better Die Hards, and Michael Jai White and Jeri Ryan brought Hollywood clout to the two-part episode that paid off brilliantly. Their gritty, realistic story left off very unresolved, with both Jax and Kano receiving the cybernetic augments that define their characters, and it would be a real shame if this was the end of it.

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