5 Ways the Government is Getting Involved With Your Video Games

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The Government is Making Video Games Now

Ask your random conspiracy theory-believing friend about the government's connection to video games, and they'll likely spin you a tale about the sinister Polybius, which was either used to imprint mind control beams in young kids or gather data from them depending on how much Alex Jones they've been listening to. It's all koopashit, but the government has actually dabbled in video games before. For instance, they developed this sweet assault weapon SNES controller as a training tool.

Now they're openly getting involved in creating games. The National Endowment of the Arts gave $100,000 of tax-payer money to Spelman College to develop HERadventure, a sci fi title featuring a black female protagonist. The heroine, HER, travels to Earth seeking the answers for problems plaguing her own planet stemming from issues affecting women and girls. It's meant to be an interactive look at the way society treats women, though conservative bloggers call it a waste of money and another attempt to force "politically correct" views down people's throats.

The good news from this is the recognition of the United States Government that video games constitute an art form... much to the chagrin of the folks at Fox News. So relax, fellow gamers. The black helicopters may be coming to remove all your first-person shooters, but they'll let you keep Pac-Man and replace them with progressive, socially conscious games that double as appropriate, state approved art.

... and suddenly the plot of BioShock: Infinite sounds really, really prophetic.

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Gamers are just going to crack HERadventure with nude Aryan skin mods .  Doesn't the gumm'nt know anything?  

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