4 Dead Video Game Systems That Are Still Getting New Games

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I recently lamented the loss of the Playstation 2. Or as I call it, the Final Fantasy XII machine. All kidding aside, I really did love the system, which is still the top selling console in the world so far, but with the PS3 a staple and the PS4 on the horizon it was clearly time to let the old girl go. Her last title will be released in Japan a little later this year.

That's the nature of the business, but some consoles simply cannot be kept down. There are systems that haven't been manufactured in decades that you can still get new releases for thanks to talented fans. I'm not just talking emulators or old games you haven't played, I mean actual new titles as if it never left.

So head on down to Game Over and drop some dough on classic consoles because you can still look forward to new entries for the...

Sega Dreamcast

Sega's last gasp at the console market simply couldn't stand up against Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft. The company withdrew the Dreamcast from the market in 2001, though they still made units in Japan up through 2007 and new licensed games still came out at least through 2006. Here in America it's likely most people have forgotten all about it.

That didn't stop NG:DEV.TEAM from releasing Gunlord, a run and gunner, in 2012 complete with very basic online multiplayer. Later this year we can expect two space-going shoot 'em ups, Redux: Dark Matters and Ghost Blade. Redux managed to raise more than $50,000 on Kickstarter for the project, more than double their goal, proving that there is plenty of interest left in the Dreamcast.

Super Nintendo

I talked about this last year, but it bears repeating because it's awesome. Super Fight Team managed to find a complete coding of the finished but cancelled run and gunner Nightmare Busters. They obtained all the necessary permission and are taking preorders for the cartridges that are due to be released later in 2013.

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Wow, you chose to mention the Virtual Boy and not the Sega Genesis, which has seen a half dozen releases since 2006?

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