Pop Rocks: When Is It Okay to Call Someone a C*nt?

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If You're Referring to a Female Peacock
Q: What do you call a female peacock?
A: A peacunt.
I know, it's actually "peahen." George Carlin probably knew as well. Whatever, here he is talking about earrings.

If You're Expressing Concern for a Female FBI Agent's Hygiene
I mean, if Miggs could smell it from that far away...

If You're About to Be Tortured to Death by Vampires
The stories from Patton Oswalt and others about the filming of Blade: Trinity are the best part of that movie. Well, that and Hannibal King (Ryan Reynolds).

If You're Trying to Talk Sense to a Teenager
Kristen Wiig wasn't at the Oscars last night, meaning nobody can verify her whereabouts when the Onion Tweet was posted. You don't suppose...?

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I found this interesting comment from a guy named Clancy on another website, which is having the same discussion:  "In Australia we have a political party called the National Party. A dozen or so years ago it was called the Country Party and politicians used to say "I'm a Country member" whereupon people would answer "Yes, we remember". I guess that's why they changed the name to National Party."

conebaby topcommenter

I find it interesting that people are more angry about the apology the Onion issued. I have to say, the Onion rarely (never?) apologizes, so perhaps it's worth considering that this apology was not forced via public outrage/backlash and the CEO was genuinely horrified/pissed that one of his writers put that out there.

I'm hard to offend, and I thought this was pretty tasteless.


I'm not going to read another article on this, but to answer the title question for the genius that wrote it...never.


@Jalapeno It's always okay. Enough with the censorship. No more c word or n word or other censoring.FREE SPEECH, BABY!

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