A Texan Attempts To Get A Yankee Ready For RodeoHouston

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Craig: As for rodeo movies, yes, 8 Seconds works, as does Pure Country. And maybe Crazy Heart if I am feeling weepy. Around this time of year I watch Urban Cowboy at least twice a day, four times on weekend days. You? There are some great furnishings at Texas Junk that look like they would have come right out of Bud and Sissy's trailer.

Christina: Well, my rodeo-specific movie repertoire consists solely of 8 Seconds, which really isn't my fault -- it's Hollywood's fault for not casting Luke Perry in more rodeo-themed movies. Now that I know Urban Cowboy counts I'll definitely move that up in the rotation.

Since Hollywood is so into remakes, I'm now thinking about who would be cast in an Urban Cowboy reboot. Justin Bieber and Shanae Grimes? Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart in a post-Twilight on-screen reunion?

Craig: Maybe I don't want to help you rodeo-ize your life anymore.

Christina: I'm pretty sure my Texas card just spontaneously combusted.

Craig: (stares at computer screen for ten minutes without blinking)

Christina: I think I'm ready for my Rodeo Immersion Program. I'm sure to make some missteps (Urban Cowboy casting fantasies?) but with my own personal Rodeo Adviser to keep me in line, I think I've got a real shot at being awesome at rodeos.

Craig: That's good to hear. Remember, all cowboys ain't dumb. Some of 'em got smarts real good, like me.

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FattyFatBastard topcommenter

Good read.  My suggestion for food that I have to get every rodeo is a Turkey leg.  Then I head to a BBQ stand and snake a couple of jalapenos.  Combine the two and enjoy.  As for pearl snaps?  I don't think I've ever owned that.  You do need to snag a cool cowboy hat, though.  

As for movies, I don't think I've ever heard "How's your Whatachicken" sound more poetic than it does in 8 seconds, but to get your George Strait on, I'd suggest "Pure Country."  It's not only a complete slam on Garth Brooks, it also is a great George Strait soundtrack.  Put it in your Netflix queue.



Replay on 19th has the best selection of vintage pearl snaps in the city, but to really stock up, you need to stock up while you're in Austin. Even better if you stop through Round Top on the way.

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