A Texan Attempts To Get A Yankee Ready For RodeoHouston

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Christina: I was bummed I couldn't find any cowboy boots for myself, but finding shoes in my size (size: midget) "brand new" is hard enough, forget second-hand. It's the pearl-snap shirt I'm after, and I shall not rest until I find it. I've got to head back to the Texas Junk Company, but I've got a full day of thrifting on my schedule later this week (suggestions on where else to find great rodeo gear appreciated).

Craig: As far as boots go, remember that the boots aren't too terribly expensive at the Texas Junk so you can get a pair of knock-around boots to wear over rodeo season and put back in the closet if you so wish. If you fall in love with them, you can always get them re-soled at a local shoe repair. Brand-new boots that actually fit great are hard to come by, so if you can get a pair of vintage ones and survive a day in them, you should do so.

The prices at Texas Junk for a fine pair of old boots ranges anywhere from $20 to $100, and they come in almost every color and condition imaginable. Some of them are junkier (HA) than others, but they could very well fit you like a dream.

Christina: I prefer vintage leather, as long as it's in good condition. I rely heavily on the Houston Shoe Hospital to keep my vintage (and new) leather and shoes in good repair.

Craig: Be careful though, some boot repair services are jacking their prices up to high heaven with all the March Cowboys going in to get work done. I would also pick up some boot cream and polish to give your new beauties a good once over. The cream will loosen up the leather. Sounds hella dirty.

Christina: Once I've got my outfit and my tickets to Mary J. Blige or Pitbull -- when I think rodeo I think PITBULL -- then what? Is there a "shit, don't miss it" food I have to eat? Or a livestock show I have to see? I heard there are little kids riding sheep, which sounds pretty much amazing to me.

Craig: You need to teach your body to ingest every kind of meat that there is. Cow, pig, alligator, "sausage", catfish, chicken, quail, frog, and hopefully rabbit, are all available somewhere at RodeoHouston. This is not a season to be on a health kick. This is a season to assert your place in the food chain.

You are telling the world that "Not only will I wear leather boots to the event where men ride bulls, I will also eat a huge bowl of chipped beef will doing so." I just wish that they made some sort of beef soda to complete the circle. Maybe some foodies in town should get on that.

Christina: 'Tis the season to mainline milk of magnesia! Note to self: do not fill up on leafy greens when there are animal parts to be consumed. (Confession: "beef soda" made me a little nauseous.) I feel like this is my opportunity to fully realize the carnivorous Christina that has lived inside me -- and my fat jeans -- for so long. Bring on the edible flesh.

Craig: Now, you will also need to load up on country music. Have you done so already? Note that the only man playing country music this rodeo season is Mr. George Strait. And maybe Alan Jackson.

Christina: I liked the look of some of what we found at the Texas Junk Company. Like I said, most of our collection is digital so I'm really feeling the need to go back and grab some vinyl. Thanks to my husband, who schooled me early on that true classic country is not the same as the contemporary country that I came to hate, after years of bartending.

So we have a shit ton of Johnny Cash, Hanks Williams Sr. and otherwise, Willie Nelson, and Waylon Jennings, with Dwight Yoakam and Kenny Rogers coming up the back. Let me guess -- not enough Pitbull on this rotation?

Craig: You keep mentioning this Pitbull person like I should know who he or she is. How many George Strait albums do you currently own?

Christina: Our iTunes reports that we own three George Strait albums. Is it time to blow the $75 iTunes gift certificate my brother gave me for my birthday? Straight Strait?

Craig: I just don't how someone can live in Texas and not own more than a dozen Strait albums.

Christina: Dude, I've lived here three years and I'm going to my first rodeo. I am the tortoise, not the hare.

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FattyFatBastard topcommenter

Good read.  My suggestion for food that I have to get every rodeo is a Turkey leg.  Then I head to a BBQ stand and snake a couple of jalapenos.  Combine the two and enjoy.  As for pearl snaps?  I don't think I've ever owned that.  You do need to snag a cool cowboy hat, though.  

As for movies, I don't think I've ever heard "How's your Whatachicken" sound more poetic than it does in 8 seconds, but to get your George Strait on, I'd suggest "Pure Country."  It's not only a complete slam on Garth Brooks, it also is a great George Strait soundtrack.  Put it in your Netflix queue.



Replay on 19th has the best selection of vintage pearl snaps in the city, but to really stock up, you need to stock up while you're in Austin. Even better if you stop through Round Top on the way.

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