Top 10 Worst Lists of 2012

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6. Ten Best Films of the 1890s
The AV Club may have rightfully grown into one of the best culture sites on the Web, but every once in a while even the mighty can fall. Point of example is their list on the Best Films of the 1890s. How difficult was this post to concoct, guys? Movies were invented in the 1890s. Moving pictures, if you will, of the 1890s were titled names such as "Workers Leaving Factory," "Baby's Breakfast" and "The Sea" because that's all they were about. Movies of the 1890s were about as exciting as watching mold grow, which was also exciting in the 1890s. How can you even top 10 this list? This list must have come about from total boredom or late-night weed smoking.

5. John Waters's Favorite Films of 2012
I love John Waters as much as anybody who loves John Waters. Even before clicking this link, it is easy to assume that no one has seen 80 percent of the films Waters so adored this year. Thanks for the list.

4. 5 Things Wrecking Your Sex Life

The number one thing wrecking your sex life, according to, is "being grossed out." Yeah, I would say that if you are grossed out by sex or the person you are having it with, getting to it will prove quite difficult. But if you are grossed out or "embarrassed" (Number 4) about sex, you need more than a list to cure what ails you.

3. Why the rapper from Friday and Thanksgiving is is nothing but lists, with the occasional list that looks like a blog post that's not a list. I stumbled upon this gem and was taken aback at its purpose. Firstly, who is this rapper that you think is so evil? Can you call him by name or would that make him appear in a mirror and kill your first-born? Secondly, the words "Friday and "Thanksgiving" are actually synonymous with things other than bad Internet music videos (I know! How weird!) One is a nationally celebrated holiday and the other is a nationally celebrated movie starting Ice Cube. Lastly, this list is not a list at all but rather a very, very long tirade about something that I chose not to read because I prefer to read everything in concise list form.

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