The Ten Best Pictures From 2013 AVN And AEE Weekend (NSFW)

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Photos By Nate "Igor" Smith

This past weekend the porn world's version of the Academy Awards, the AVN Awards and the Adult Entertainment Expo filled the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas with tons of porn starlets and industry folks hawking their wares for their peers and devoted fans.

Vegas is quickly becoming a second home for many in the naked people having sex industry, with it's relaxed laws, great weather, and abundance of tourists.

SLIDESHOW: Adult Entertainment Expo: One Wild Convention (NSFW)

As always we have plenty of pictures from the weekend, and I culled the best ten for your viewing pleasure.

Probably (and preferably) on your smart phone, away from prying eyes.

Here is porn gal Lisa Ann listening to a fan tell her that he knows that she is sending him secret messages through her scenes.

I am so sick of movies automatically having a built-in toy tie-in deal. Is there any artistic integrity left in this world?

I would say that this is a wardrobe malfunction, but for most porn actresses wearing clothes in front of a camera is the problem.

Did you know that NOFX lead singer Fat Mike has been dating "sex anarchist" Soma Snakeoil for some time now?

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