Pop Rocks: The Many Moods Of Mark Wahlberg

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He Knows The Value Of Physical Fitness
Whether playing an ex-porn star strung out on coke or a high school student strung out on heroin, Wahlberg has never let the deleterious effects of drug use diminish his impressive physique. Let that be a lesson to you junkies out there: a crippling addiction to narcotics doesn't excuse skipping a session at the gym to blast your lats.

I ... kinda want to see that.

He Can Provide His Own Soundtrack
Between a seriously unpleasant childhood and belated Hollywood respectability, there was Marky Mark. Oh, how we snickered at his underwear-clad shenanigans while obsessively listening to the latest Uncle Tupelo release, but respect is due. None other than the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences conferred honor upon the Funky Bunch, nominating "You Gotta Believe" for a Grammy in 1993. Unfortunately, they lost to an even more respected artist: Sir Mix-A-Lot for "Baby Got Back."

Four and a half minutes? The '90s really were terrible, weren't they?

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You forgot:  He can play a real life super hero sky Marshall that beats terrorist with his wind.

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