Pop Rocks: Rating Mel Brooks' Movies (The Ones That Count, Anyway)

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4. The Producers (1968)
This was one of the last of Brooks' movies I saw, speaking in a personal chronological sense. He won an Oscar for Best Screenplay in this, his first movie, which he also directed. Take that Affleck.

3.High Anxiety (1977)
Some may disagree, but I have to put Brooks' Hitchcock spoof among his best work, in which he writes. directs, acts, *and* sings. I'd call it a "tour-de-farce," but I'm [barely] above such punnery. It falls to third on the list because, in the end, it's more about specific scenes from the likes of Notorious, Spellbound, The Birds, and of course Vertigo than telling a coherent story. In that sense, you could say "the spoof is in the pudding."

I'm so very sorry.

TIE - 1.Young Frankenstein (1974)
I KNOW, but I really can't choose between them. I grew up watching two kinds of monster movies: Shōwa series Godzilla and Universal horror. Seeing Young Frankenstein for the first time was like reading a love letter to the movies I loved as a kid, before it was fed to a horse while screaming "Blucher!"

TIE - 1.Blazing Saddles (1974)
Almost 40 years later, it's easy to lose sight of just how daring a project his was. Made just a few years after the demise of the Motion Picture Production Code, it probably seems tame by today's standards, but for all its perceived vulgarity, Blazing Saddles' depiction of racism -- and interracial relationships -- was, quite frankly, groundbreaking.

Plus, it's funny as shit. And I really don't think Richard Pryor would've worked as Sheriff Bart.

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Huh. Until just now, I had no idea that Mel Brooks did not write or direct To Be or Not To Be.  Love that movie and was wondering why it was excluded. 


[Bart returns unexpectedly after being sentenced to death

Charlie: They said you was hung. 
Bart: And they was right. 

Bruce_Are topcommenter

Where's the white women at?

FattyFatBastard topcommenter

Spaceballs was a lot funnier than you recall.  You need to rewatch it, even though zero Joan Rivers parts are funny.


Blazing Saddles may well be the greatest movie of all time.

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