5 Beloved Pop Cultures Seen Through the Eyes of White Supremacists (sNSFW)

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Dear God in Heaven, I have seen Encyclopedia Dramatica pages that had more sense and less misplaced anger in them than what bubbles up from the seeping pit of the Family Guy entry.

First of all Seth Macfarlane's name is always marked by a tiny hammer and sickle, because even though Metapedia doesn't have time in their busy mayonnaise-eating schedule to craft an article specifically for him they want you to know without a doubt he is an Obama-voting communist. I didn't make that little conclusion hop on my own, by the way. The article does it for me. Of course, there are still some standards in play as the article doesn't want you to think Macfarlane is Jewish. No, for the Semites associated with Family Guy nothing less than a tiny gold star after their names will do.

The article mostly points out the many, many, many digs at religion that the show makes as reason for outrage, which we can all agree is a fair point. This is a show that listed "creationist" beneath mentally handicapped on an intelligence chart after all. They do go out of their way to mock many aspects of American Christian right culture, but as the article states they tend to leave Judaism alone. Completely unrelated, here's a song Peter Griffin sings called "I Need a Jew" that got the show sued.

The show has also done more than a few jokes about the Holocaust. Here's why (if you're a raisin cake).

"Why so many jokes about Jews and 'Nazis?' This is to control dissent. If a Jew is the one that laughingly trashes Jews, then it can be readily swept aside while the constant reminder that Hitler was supposedly an evil man who oversaw the 'slaughter of millions of Jews' keeps people believing that, despite no amount of hard evidence to support the Holocaust myth."

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Hahaha, nice work on the image urls!


I thought conservapedia was the most awful thing I had ever seen. It has been trumped buy these fuckweasels.

I need to bleach my brain now.

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