5 Beloved Pop Cultures Seen Through the Eyes of White Supremacists (sNSFW)

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Superman is the only mainstream superhero given his own entry on Metapedia, making it the first time in history someone has been more interested in Supes than in Batman... and further proving the people that edit Metapedia are idiots. Anyone who knows the history of Superman's creation can probably guess why.

Superman was the brainchild of Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster. Both men were the sons of Jewish immigrants, and Metapedia postulates that the entire Superman story is meant to chronicle the way Jews come to new lands and become all powerful. The fact that Superman does nothing with that power but try to stop plane crashes and crazed psychopaths seems to be lost on Metapedia contributors.

In fact, the article tries so hard to link the Man of Steel as some sort of propagandist plot by the Jews that it actually ends up praising the Chosen People when it remarks that Superman comes from a planet where everyone is superintelligent immediately after saying calling the character's story parallel to his creators'.

Here's the weirdest part. The article also paraphrases an entire unattributed passage from Bill's speech to The Bride in Quentin Tarantino's Kill Bill about the nature of Clark Kent's identity, but throws on a little bit of Nazi-sparkle at the end for fun.

"While the other fictive 'superheroes' were more or less normal people and lead a middle-class life, Superman is an extraterrestrial with supernatural forces in reality. Only with superman the normal identity is the wrong and fictitious one. Clark Kent shows how Superman sees the people. He thinks people are person weak, anxious and impotent. (That is, how Jews see us)."

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Hahaha, nice work on the image urls!


I thought conservapedia was the most awful thing I had ever seen. It has been trumped buy these fuckweasels.

I need to bleach my brain now.

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