Shows That We Demand To Be Added To NetFlix Instant This Very Instant

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Another syndicated hit featuring Pamela Anderson -- or was it Lee at the time? -- this bodyguard caper series only ran for four seasons but it did rack up 88 episodes in the process. There were a lot of boats, fast cars, and copious cleavage. Hey, aren't the early '00s coming back anyways?


Lorenzo Lamas, that Native American dude, and tons of hair and Harleys dotted this crime drama about a cop forced to go on the for a CHDC (crime he didn't commit). In the '90s there was a plethora of movies featuring good guys on bikes playing biker to either infiltrate a gang or escape squaresville. Above The Law and Stone Cold, anyone?

MTV Animation Domination

Liquid Television, Aeon Flux, The Head? Come on yo, I want my freaky MTV animation, and I am sick of YouTube.

The Simpsons

(cue Homer drool) Short of just giving us Simpsons goons our own cable channel, this would save us a lot of dough buying the DVD box sets. My twice daily intake -- after a few years off the sauce -- is not cutting it.

And lastly..

The entire NFL Films library...

Wishful thinking....

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Jef Withonef
Jef Withonef

When talking MTV animation you forgot about The Maxx!

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