It's Your Day, Nic Cage; 5 Best and Worst Cage Flicks

Worst Cage Films

5. Face/OffNo, no, no. Do not think out loud for even a second that this is a good movie because it is not. And Nicholas Cage is even worse at acting like John Travolta than Travolta is at playing himself, if that is even possible to do.

4. Snake EyesSnake Eyes started a period in the late '90s where Cage played the exact same role again and again, that of an overacted loudmouth with crazy eyes. In this movie, Cage portrays a corrupt cop vying to take over Sin City, but falls short when his conscience gets in the way. Fill in the blanks with just about anything and you've got Cage's career for the few years that followed.

3. Captain Corelli's MandolinUggg. Cage in a period piece with a bad accent. No thank you.

2. Ghost Rider (1 and 2)Ahhh... my body's on fire and I'm crazy!
I remember when the trailer for the first Ghost Rider hit the airwaves and I kept thinking that it was a joke. There was no way that someone in Hollywood had greenlit this film. I was sadly mistaken. The writing is terrible, which is not Cage's fault per se, but you can blame him for taking the role and then taking the role again.

1. The Sorcerer's Apprentice No feature-length movie should be made that is based on a Mickey Mouse musical short. In this debacle, Cage does his best impression of Steve Martin in SNL's "Wild and Crazy Guys" but with a long black cloak and staff.

Cage Movie That's So Bad It's Good
National TreasureI cannot tell a lie. I love these movies. They are so much fun and Cage is delightfully madcap.

Happy birthday, bro.

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