So What's God of War: Ascension Multiplayer Like?

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The latest entry in the God of War series comes out in March. Up until now it's been more or less of a perfect franchise. Sure, God of War III suffered a bit, it was the Return of the Jedi of the three main games, but overall the tale of Kratos waging war against the cruel and treacherous Olympian Gods has been a fantastic, if brutal, ride.

The big news with the new game was that there would be multiplayer options available, and such was my faith in the series that I actually went out and bought a headset just to fully appreciate the experience. In general, I keep my gaming a solitary affair as I find not being forced to endure half-witty smack talk during play to be more enjoyable. This time, it's full-on.

Currently the beta test of the multiplayer features has two modes, Favor of the Gods and Capture the Flag. Favor of the Gods pits you against three or seven other players in an all out melee in one arena. It's exactly like playing God of War against human-level intelligent enemies. No more of that Batman thug logic of hanging back and coming in one at a time.

On one hand the battles are exactly what you would expect, though in this version you're limited to a hammer and a sword with the chained blades Kratos made famous nowhere yet to be found. This is probably a good move as the reach would likely make the game no fun to play against at all.

The sickening kills that define Kratos return. Wearing your opponent down will allow you to pull off full-on cinematic executions that really help the mode feel like a continuation of the solo game. There aren't a whole lot of them, unfortunately, so they can get a bit monotonous. Then again, it takes quite a while to get good enough to make them happen regularly so the sheer challenge curve keeps them fresh.

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