Game Demo of the Week: DmC: Devil May Cry

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The demo also features a boss battle with a horrifying giant slug man dangling from the ceiling who spends most of the battle unable to stop vomiting. Sure, it does damage as an attack, but I'm kind of impressed that video game technology has progressed to the point where characters that use these gross-out attacks can be given enough animation and personality that we can watch them try to fight rising bile but ultimately give in and blow chunks. Disgusting, I know, but from a purely technical standpoint it's still really, really indicative of great love and artifice on the part of the gamemakers.

If there is any real complaint against DmC, it's that Dante is kind of a dick. Maybe there's more to him in the full game, but for right now he's a strutting, posturing douchebag given to cheesy taunts and exchanging "Fuck you's" in boss battles. He displays little or no affection or consideration for his cute little spirit guide Kat, and every moment he interacts with anything verbally rather than with the pointy end of his sword reeks of Jersey Shore bravado.

Maybe there's an appeal in that, but it felt old when Duke Nukem did it better, and now it's almost completely outdated. The brief appearances of his brother Vergil as a terrorist mastermind trying to organize against the demons have double the empathy that Dante manages to elicit. I don't know how much of a full playthrough you can enjoy when your protagonist is so unlikable. It doesn't detract overly from the murder fest, though you could just as well wait for God of War: Ascension.

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