Blue-eyed People Deemed Less Trustworthy in New Study

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Taylor Swift

Get your bangs out of your eyes -- we want to see how untrustworthy they look
Taylor, guess what: When you say that you are never, ever, ever getting back together with whomever it is you are talking about, no one believes you. You will totally get back together with him as soon as he acknowledges your existence again. And you will be so totally stoked about it that you will start writing a song in jubilation and then guess what, you'll get dumped again. First time, shame on John Mayer, eighteenth time shame on you Taylor Swift. Sorry, I don't trust that you won't make the same mistake again.


elvira couch.jpg
You trust a woman who carries a sword?
I think that Elvira is one of those people who, while they seem very genuine, they really put on a show of things. That being said, when people are always "on" -- acting like someone they are not -- can you ever really put much stock in them?

Frank Sinatra

Of course I had to put in Old Blue Eyes! For one thing, Sinatra is the most notable blue-eyed person on the planet, but he also did a lot of shifty things, especially pertaining to women and the mob. Apparently the FBI kept tabs on Sinatra's mob ties and accumulated more than 2,000 pages on the guy. He has also been called a swinger, and often with ladies that get paid to swing (hookers). But the guy belts out just a few notes of Funny Valentine and we are all putty.

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Linda Mula
Linda Mula

prob. by a person with brown eyes, that was easy.!!!!

Chase Thorn
Chase Thorn

this was s hit article on yahoo two weeks ago, and it still is. You guys (HP) should really earn your pay and search out relevant stories

Zachary White
Zachary White

You pay taxes in the Czech Republic? You didn't even read the article before spouting off.

Lyndsey Stang
Lyndsey Stang

I'd say it's more like when you look into someone's eyes that are a bright or light blue, it's hard to look at them without staring. It's as if they can see inside you. I have blue eyes and have locked eyes with a couple of people where they stopped talking and just stared right into my eyes. So, I guess with that, you can feel that you don't trust them. It's easier to look into darker eyes and feel comfortable.

Craig Wilkins
Craig Wilkins

Just look at my profile picture and make your decision.

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