American Horror Story: Asylum: Now You're Just Being Mean

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There's a rule I used to strictly abide by when I was a wrestling fan. Never shell out cash to watch the last match before the pay per view. It's always pointless set-up. It has to be. I understand that, but damn does it get freakin' annoying.

I've danced in and out of talking about the aliens sub plot involving Kit Walker (Evan Peters) and the babies the aliens helped create with the wife he thought dead and the girl he fell in love with while locked up at the asylum. There were two reasons for this. The first was I didn't, and still don't, believe that the show is going to bring some sort of satisfying conclusion to the plotline. With one episode left, we still have little to no information about what exactly these alien doctors did to Kit's new polygamous family.

That's only half of it, though. Honestly, though I detested Evan Peters in the first season of American Horror Story, literally could not stand to watch any scene he was in, he is the best thing about Asylum. I don't mean his tale is the most compelling or even that his performance outdoes all the others. I mean that he is a consistently bright spot in a land ever-filled with darkness.

He is the embodiment of a man that does the right thing. He loves a black woman at a time when miscegenation laws were in the process of being struck down. He stands against every threat with perfect strength. Once he's thrown into Briarcliff his moral compass never leaves him. Even after his release when he finds himself the father of two different children by two different women he does nothing but embrace the situation with love and affection all the while planning to participate in civil rights marches in the area.

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