10 Movies Where Dancing Saves Lives (Metaphorically Speaking)

Categories: Film and TV

6. Showgirls You may not think much of this movie, but have you ever really watched it? Elizabeth Berkley stars as a confused and bitter rolling stone who just wants to be a real dancer, so she becomes a stripper. She is just misunderstood. It's been called one of the worst movies of all time and one of the best movies of all time. My personal opinion is on the latter. Regardless, there's some serious dancing in this flick.

5. Bring It OnMaybe cheerleading is not technically dancing, but it does involve choreography, matching outfits, poor relationships with food and the potential to change your life.

4. Save the Last DanceJulia Stiles has a lot to master in her life, especially when it comes to dancing with her thug life boyfriend. Forget the fact that she is a learned dancer who has studied classical forms of pirouettes or whatever; no, she needs to learn real dancing from the streets. And learn from the streets she does.

3. FootlooseWe have learned that dancing can break through racial boundaries and cultural lines but Footloose teaches us that dance can also change an entire religious faction. Thanks dancing for showing us the light.

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