Which Video Game World Has the Strongest Currency?

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This move makes a lot more sense now
Now to Final Fantasy's gil. Since we're using the fully restorative health staples as our exchange basis, the answer is obviously the X-potion. Here we'll have to take an average as there is no chronology to determine most recent, and not all games charge the same for an X-potion. Some sell at 1 gil in games because they are classified as rare items, and I've exempted those.

FFVII only sells X-potions in the Wonder Square of the Golden Saucer for 80 of the Saucer-specific currency GP. Based on the guy who will sell you GP outside the saucer, that makes the X-potion 8,000 gil. FFVIII sells them for 5,000, and FFXII for only 630! Unfortunately, the FFXII edition only restores 1,600 HP, which makes you need seven to fully-restore at max HP. That's still only 4,410, though.

The average between the three is 5,800 gil. Now to see how it all stacks up. By my math it's thusly...

The rupee is the strongest currency, being worth five gold coins issued by the Mushroom Kingdom and a whopping 29 gil! That means that currency gap between Princess Zelda and Princess Garnet til Alexandria is roughly the same as the one between American and Kyrgyzstan. Overspending on cut scenes and battle animation is my theory for the weak Final Fantasy economy personally.

Can you think of any more inter-game currency rates? Let us know in the comments.

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Sonic's world you dumbass! No other currency gives you superpowers like that!!

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