Reviews for the Lazy Gamer: Skrillex Quest

Categories: Gaming

Game: Skrillex Quest

Platform: Web Browser

Publisher/Developer: Jason Oda

Genre: Adventure

Describe This Game in Three Words: Link vs. Skrillex

Plot Synopsis: In the kingdom of code inside a copy of The Legend of Zelda sitting on DJ Skrillex's desk, a speck of dust on the cartridge has caused that weird sprite glitch that we all remember so well if you weren't good about keeping your connectors clean. The glitch is infecting and tearing apart the code, leaving the valiant P1 to quest through the dissolving world to stop it.

Up Up: The last time Jason Oda sent me one of his games, it was the light-hearted and engrossing Perfect Strangers game he'd put together. Skrillex Quest is quite a bit more ambitious.

You guide a heavily pixilated and generic P1 through a series of levels that resemble the castle from Link to the Past, the first dungeon from the original game, and Haunted Wasteland from Ocarina of Time, all backed by an endless loop of Skrillex's "Summit" featuring the awesomeness of Ellie Goulding.

The enemies are constantly shifting pixilated blocks, but they die easily on the tip of your sword. They're not really the challenge. Your goal is to make it through the dungeons collect keys to free the Princess Ghost, Skrillex treasures like Sabre Glasses, and scrolls to unlock the Master Sword before the timer runs out. You don't die when it does -- that's actually the cue for the next level -- but it does mean you miss the chance to get the items in the level if you miss them.

The best part about Skrillex Quest is the amazing old-school gaming humor that Oda brings. In the shifting glitch enemies, you'll see countless screens from old NES games, and the shops in the Wasteland area offer surreal non sequitur power-ups like "Fiona Apple Pacemaker Level 75." You can also select "Sexy Time!" with Chun-li at an inn, though you don't get to see that strange blocky act.

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