Random Hanukkah Stuff To Get You In the Spirit

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6. Shalom Y'All: Images of Jewish Life in the American South

shalom yall.jpg
Shalom Y'all is a photography book that chronicles southern Jewish culture. According to the description,
"From Levy, Arkansas, to Kaplan, Louisiana, Southern Jewish culture is alive and well below the Mason-Dixon line. In Shalom Y'all, award-winning photographer Bill Aron provides a vibrant portrait of contemporary Jewish life, dutifully recording the heroic, funny, and sometimes tragic experiences of a people who have long settled in the Bible Belt."

We need a little Southern Jewish culture up in this piece; we also need a Frito pie made out of matzos.

5. Schlep Tote Bag

Schlep. Schlep.
You can never have too many totes and having one that says "schlep" in big black letters is a great way to show people you care about the environment and you are just like your old bubby at the same time. Now fill it up with macaroons and you'll be the life of the party.

4. South Park's Dreidel Song "It's so amazing. I spin on the ground and it goes round and round," Eric Cartman says very sarcastically in the South Park dreidel song. Leave it to Cartman to make fun of a dreidel singing round by insulting an entire religion and its traditions. I can't really argue with him though, dreidel is sort of a moronic pastime. It's a game that revolves around spinning a top and sharing a pile of pennies. Even if you win, who cares? It's like 30 cents.

3. Ugly Hanukkah Sweaters

Why should Christmas-loving hipsters and old men have all the fun in the ugly sweater department? Jews want to have ridiculous holiday sweater parties and awkward family photos too! There are quite a few sites on the Interwebs with Hanukkah sweaters but I am partial to Geltifiend.com that has had quite a lot of press lately due to its $200,000 Kickstarter campaign, which helped launch the company. The sweaters are described as "retro" and "fun" but really they are just ugly, which is what an ugly holiday sweater should be.

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