Top 5 Portal Fan Films

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I have a confession to make. Much as I love Doctor Who and obsessively talk about it here in the art blog, it's honestly just a cover for the fact that I am not getting another Portal game anytime soon. Even when I do, I'll probably have to convert to freakin' Linux to play the sucker.

I honestly believe that Portal 2 is the greatest game ever made in the history of gaming. If it was turned into a Saturday morning cartoon tomorrow, I would never watch anything else. It was the perfect mixture of passive-aggressive comedy and pure gameplay, and c'mon, Newell, I'm dying over here.

So to tide me over, I got into Portal fan films. Unfortunately, the film I am most anticipating is taking forever. On the other hand, have you seen the Pacific Rim trailer? Holy crap, it's Portal plus Cloverfield plus Robot Jox!

Till I see either of those, I've had to content myself with these five, and by content I mean obsessively watch over and over again because they're great.

5. This is Aperture

You can't go wrong with parodying Nightmare Before Christmas. Aside from just the fun of the concept, we know that Aperture is a pretty musical place since the turrets perform operas and even have choir practice if you're astute enough to catch it. In my head, there is a turret version of Glee... because everything is better with bullets!

By the way, do you know why the turrets sing? It's because the designers were worried about how to soothe a child back to sleep after being awakened by the turret killing an intruder.

4. Lego Portal 2

I'm a big LEGO fan. In fact, I'm putting off building a Cybermen upgrade facility playset as I type this. Re-creating the basics of Portal 2 with LEGO isn't that impractical, and is actually the closest thing we're likely to get to a real adaptation of the game for film.



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