5 Ways People Made Playing Games WAY Harder

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Playing Mass Effect 3 as a Quadriplegic

What do all the games before us have in common? They're all old games. Even Final Fantasy IX is almost 13 years old. You could argue that they're all relatively simple in terms of interface, controls, and execution. Relative to what? Well, Mass Effect 3 comes to mind.

Alain Poitras may be able to see the games he plays, so he's got one up on Jordan Verner. However, he did lose the use of his fingers and legs in a 1985 accident involving sliding on the snow. Despite the fact that he lacks what 99 percent of us would consider an even more basic ability than sight to play a game, he still manages to execute a mean game of Mass Effect 3 by using a stick in his mouth to manipulate the laptop.

Poitras started using a modified mouse that allows him to click with his wrist to begin trying out everything from submarine warfare games to Myst as part of his therapy. As his ability began to build, he started taking on first-person shooters, ultimately being able to win a Silver Medal in a multiplayer match. That's hard to do even with teammates watching your back. He did it solo with his mouth!

Even BioWare senior designer Manveer Heir bows before such awesomeness. He tweeted, "He soloed silver?! He's 100X more baller than I'll ever be."

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