5 Ways People Made Playing Games WAY Harder

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Insane Custom Super Mario World Levels

There's a whole community of people that custom make their own levels based on Super Mario World. This has progressed from fun to balls out madness. I first ran across them as a series of hacks that involved levels designed to be beaten by letting Mario stand completely skill. These Rube Goldberg contraptions are a scream to watch, but aside from the skill needed to actually construct a level isn't that the opposite of making a game harder? Yes it is, so hold onto your butts.

A YouTube user named Moltov specializes in levels that should be all but impossible. Then, of course he beats them. My favorite opens with the following quote...

The amount of tears this pain will bring is undescribable agony that there will be no life left in your soul.

Brother, is he right. Watching that video above shows a level of dexterity, reflex, and sheer luck that would make Spider-Man cry hacks. And Moltov knowingly and painstakingly puts himself through the process like Jigsaw forgetting which end you point the murder trap at.

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