5 Ways People Made Playing Games WAY Harder

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Beating Ocarina of Time Blind

Canadian Jordan Verner is blind, but decided to play video games anyway because fuck you, that's why. His favorite game was The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, and using a sweet speaker set up he proved through YouTube videos that beating the first level, the Deku Tree, was possible with careful sound cues, rolls to time his movements easier than with walking, and possibly arcane magic.

He wanted to beat the whole thing, but in his own words considered that "more of a fantasy than the game itself." Nonetheless, he put a call out for help on Skype to see if anyone might be willing to help him defeat Ganon without ever actually seeing him in an entertainment medium where that was never even considered as a possibility.

Roy Williams and a few other gamers decided to come to Verner's aid, and spent two whole years mapping out beating the game by notating every single controller command. Ultimately, Verner did manage to complete the game. By contrast, I finally beat it for the first time earlier this year, and haven't started Majora's Mask yet because it "sounds hard." Even this isn't the best disability overcome story in this article, but let's take a detour first.

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