5 Ways People Made Playing Games WAY Harder

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Finishing The Legend of Zelda Without a Sword

Back in the day, you could take a picture of your high scores and send them into Nintendo Power. If you had an impressive enough one, you would get printed up in the magazine. That's right, Nintendo Power invented the original national leaderboard! I distinctly remember combing through it one day when I came across a single entry.

Finished Legend of Zelda without a sword. Is that even possible? I mean, that's the most basic aspect of the game. Some old guy hands you a sword, says, "It's dangerous to go alone. Take this," presumably dies, and off you go.

The reality is that no, you can't beat the game without a sword because hitting Ganon with the Master Sword is the only way to beat him. That being said, you can get all the way to Ganon without using it once. Matthew Visyak decided to not only do that, but he also managed to do it with only the three hearts you start with and without getting the red and blue rings that boost your defense. Again, I'd call bullshit, but there's three hours of proof up there you can't argue with.

Still, it's not the most amazing Zelda challenge.

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