Person of Interest: Dark Was the Night, Cold Was the Vault

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There are better ways to protest Bally's monthly fees, Mr. Reese.
Even Men in Suits have to take a holiday break, and as Person of Interest slouches towards its mid-season hiatus, that "hunted by the authorities" thing is getting more and more serious.

In another flashback-free episode, we find the Agent Donnelly-led Feds closing their noose around Mr. Reese, while a critically damaged HR organization shows new signs of life. My biggest beef with the mid-season finale? Not enough Bear. That dog should be tearing out Achilles tendons every week, man.

FADE IN: An apparently troubled young woman apologizes to her parents via video clip for deeds as yet uncommitted, while a mysterious helmeted guy steals a motorcycle. Are they connected? Of course they're connected

Our Number of the Week is Abby Monroe, honor student, who until recently worked for a military charity. Brother was killed serving in Afghanistan. Mr. Reese (Jim Caviezel) abruptly leaves a Bear bath to recon the situation (note: This actually refers to bathing the dog, not a hairy bathhouse thing).

Speaking of romance, detectives Carter (Taraji P. Henson) and Beecher (Sterling K. Brown) already had their first date and it went so swimmingly, Beecher's ready for more. I'm still taking bets on whether it's him or Fusco's new lady (absent this episode) that buys it first. Anyway, they chat a bit about the missing-courtesy-of-Fusco-but-nobody-knows-it-yet Det. Davidson.

Lookin' good, Fusco.
Their tender moment is broken up by Agent Donnelly (Brennan Brown). Now that HR is down (but not out?), he's refocusing his attentions on the "Man in the Suit," who the Bureau is convinced is working for a Chinese-backed private intelligence firm. He also thinks CIA Agent Snow was turned by Reese. Donnelly wants Carter on board, and offers her a temp-to-perm FBI gig. Naturally, the first thing she does is warn Reese. Donnelly sure can pick 'em.

Abby (the NOTW, recall) has flown the coop from her temp job after "downloading a file illegally." I bet Lars Ulrich called in the tip. Turns out it was for diagrams of some bank building on Wall Street. Reese, of course, knows about Donnelly and the FBI's offer. Carter is a bit put off by the fact Reese and Finch (Michael Emerson) are apparently listening in on *everything*. She makes noise about setting boundaries, then they watch surveillance tape of Monroe and the motorcycle guy together as reports come in the bike's plate caught on camera near the site of a Semtex theft. Blueprints? Explosives? The guy must be a freelance demolition consultant, right?

Finch points out if Monroe was an actual terrorist, the Machine would've passed her info on to...someone else. Clearly something else is afoot and oh god, it's a Jack Reacher commercial. TOM CRUISE ISN'T TALL ENOUGH TO RIDE SPACE MOUNTAIN MUCH LESS PLAY JACK REACHER, AAGGGGGHH.

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