4 Movie Novelizations That Revealed Mind-Boggling Things About The Film

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There may be cuter creatures in the world than Gizmo the mogwai, but there can't be many. Nonetheless, he is incredibly dangerous. Get him wet, and he spawns asexually almost immediately, resulting in four or five full grown copies of himself. Feed those spawn after midnight and they transform into psychopathic lunatic demon monsters with claws, fangs, and murderous inventiveness.

In the movie it's implied that the mogwai are some kind of Chinese fairy creature. Otherwise there is isn't really any exposition on the origin of the creatures. Author George Gipe decided to rectify that lapse.

In Gipe's book, the mogwai are an alien species genetically designed to literally be cute and adorable enough to spread rapidly across the universe invoking happy warm feelings. An adorable plague intended to create peace through hugs and tummy rubs, if you will. It's a good plan... OK, it's a stupid plan even before it goes wrong, but let's try to give a hand to good intentions, OK? As a nation that offered blankets covered in smallpox to Native Americans I'd say we don't have a lot of room to judge on this.

Well, the scientist went on playing God, and they made a small mistake. Though all mogwai are cute, only one out of every 10,000 is good-natured. The rest are assholes. That one, like Gizmo, is functionally immortal, which combined with being sweet-tempered makes the other mogwai and later gremlins abuse and torture them out of jealousy and spite.

And that whole turning into a murder mutant simply for having a late night snack? That was also unintentional on the part of these alien scientists. So remember, next time you see someone trying to haphazardly crossbreed with a poodle in order to get a mutt with a stupid name, it could be much, much worse.

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"In his world, apparently, dreaming can be recorded and played back as art, "

They went into that in Prometheus


Searls novel of Jaws 2 was really good, and had next to nothing in common with the movie.

MadMac topcommenter

James Kahn's novelization of "Return of the Jedi," infused more humanity than Lucas possesses, (sp?).


Hey Jef With One F! When I saw the Jaws bmp I HAD to stop in and read the article. My being a b-rated to z-rated fanatic, I loved this movie. But you are 100% right! What were they THINKING throwing a roaring upright walking lion, oops! I mean, shark at us like that! That movie flushed the cult classic "down Schitt Crick"

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