4 Movie Novelizations That Revealed Mind-Boggling Things About The Film

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When you want a science fiction movie adapted into a novel that might be better than the original source material you don't fuck around. You speed dial Alan Dean Foster and send the check pronto. He's done some of the most amazing adaptations known to literature, in addition to his own stellar original work. Do yourself a favor and pick up Nor Crystal Tears sometime.

Foster did novelizations for the first three Alien films, and each one is better than the last. For some real fun, you can actually pick up the audio book for Alien 3 narrated by Lance Hendrickson. If that didn't jumpstart your nerd motor then you are dead inside.

The opening of the first Alien novel talks about the crew of the Nostromo in hibernation. In the movie it's a basic scene, but when Foster writes it he uses it to expound upon each member's personality by ranking how good each would be as professional dreamers. In his world, apparently, dreaming can be recorded and played back as art, and there are people who make a living doing that.

By comparing the minds of his characters against the backdrop of this fictional, but awesome occupation, he gives more life and development to them than Ridley Scott ever did in the film. Plus, it hints at a whole new world of art.

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"In his world, apparently, dreaming can be recorded and played back as art, "

They went into that in Prometheus


Searls novel of Jaws 2 was really good, and had next to nothing in common with the movie.

MadMac topcommenter

James Kahn's novelization of "Return of the Jedi," infused more humanity than Lucas possesses, (sp?).


Hey Jef With One F! When I saw the Jaws bmp I HAD to stop in and read the article. My being a b-rated to z-rated fanatic, I loved this movie. But you are 100% right! What were they THINKING throwing a roaring upright walking lion, oops! I mean, shark at us like that! That movie flushed the cult classic "down Schitt Crick"

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