4 Movie Novelizations That Revealed Mind-Boggling Things About The Film

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I love movie novelizations because the very concept is insane. They're books designed to appeal to people who have actively chosen another entertainment medium. The weird thing is, a lot of the time they're completely awesome.

One of the reasons you should pick up a novelization is because they can reveal things about movies that you might never know. Often the book isn't so much an adaptation of the finished film, but rather a prose version of the script. Since scripts go through dozens or hundreds of rewrites, the novel may include deleted scenes or abandoned concepts.

Then again, sometimes they just throw completely outlandish things out there that have nothing to do with the film, but make for fantastic reading.

Jaws: The Revenge

The fourth Jaws film is justifiably considered one of the worst movies ever to be made. In addition to having a plot that might actually have been written on the skin of a horse that had been beaten to death, it managed to jump the shark on science by actually jumping a shark over science. Seriously, the shark gains the ability to roar, stand on its tail 15 feet out of the water, and swim from New York to the Bahamas in three days.

Also it explodes. Of course it explodes. You don't make a movie like this and the monster shark doesn't explode. And it's psychic. And it can survive on land. I dare you to name which of those three I just made up.

Now, everything I just said makes perfect sense to me because I've read the Hank Searls novelization, and I know that the shark is actually magic. Really magic. Searls was no slouch writer, and he did everything he could to save this giant floating turd of a story. One of the things he pulled from an early draft of the script was a backstory involving an actual voodoo curse by a witch doctor who had a grudge against the Brody family.

Or, as the Jaws wiki puts it much better than I could ever hope to do, the "Great Roaring Shaka Shark shall unleash its roar and wreak havoc on those who seek the treasures of sand."

This sounds silly, but it actually does make the story into something with at least some motivation. Searls also did some great scenes told from the shark's perspective, as Benchley himself did with his creatures. One of these shows the shark singlehandedly taking out a full-grown humpback whale!

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"In his world, apparently, dreaming can be recorded and played back as art, "

They went into that in Prometheus


Searls novel of Jaws 2 was really good, and had next to nothing in common with the movie.

MadMac topcommenter

James Kahn's novelization of "Return of the Jedi," infused more humanity than Lucas possesses, (sp?).


Hey Jef With One F! When I saw the Jaws bmp I HAD to stop in and read the article. My being a b-rated to z-rated fanatic, I loved this movie. But you are 100% right! What were they THINKING throwing a roaring upright walking lion, oops! I mean, shark at us like that! That movie flushed the cult classic "down Schitt Crick"

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