Suit Up for the Holidays with Some Fancy Dress Options (His and Hers!)

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I'm dreaming of Dior for Christmas...
Christmas and New Year cometh, which means holiday parties are on the horizon. It may seem selfish to shop for yourself while your Christmas list is a mile long, but if you are staring into your closet and wondering what to wear, best to grab something now while you still have time -- especially if you think you might need some alterations.

We have a few ideas for guys and girls on what to wear this holiday season, and we've included some ideas for shopping in your own closet in case most of your budget has already been blown on Christmas gifts. (God bless you if you're done shopping. Some of us haven't even started...)

Since it is a fun time of year to add some extra sparkle, have fun with it; it's totally acceptable to be over-the-top. Your biggest competition is the Christmas tree, so unless you show up in lights, you'll only be the second-most ostentatiously dressed.

The Ladies

If you are shopping your closet, you most likely have a little black dress and it's probably already your go-to party frock. Go with it! Dress it way, way up with the sparkliest shoes you've got, but keep it simple in the jewelry department if you do -- a single, statement necklace or pair of earrings plus a bracelet. Never wear more ornaments than the Christmas tree, darling. If you choose a more basic pair of shoes -- black strappies, or a basic pump -- then go for the 1-2-3 earring/necklace/bracelet punch. When someone looks at you, you have to give their eye someplace to rest.

If the LBD is too fancy but you still want to dress up, the pencil skirt is a nice option. Pair the skirt with a super-high heel and a sexy top -- think bare arms, embellishments, satin/silk, etc. -- and a clutch and you are party-ready.

If you are in the market...for a dress

jcrew dots.jpg
J. Crew Dotted Cummerbund Dress
Frankly, dresses are the easiest way to get gussied up; one piece and you're done, other than shoes and accessories. Separates are great, but dresses should be making a comeback. Here are three pretty options for the holidays:

Shabby Apple "Falling Star" Dress ($98): The black lace overlay isn't "too lacy"--no one will mistake you for a doily. It's short and sassy, without being too revealing. It's a little black dress, but hardly "basic." A terrific canvas for accessorizing.
BR Monogram Sequin Top Sheath ($165): Pricey, but so pretty. And it's not so "sequine-y" (THAT'S A WORD NOW) that you can't wear it out for date night the rest of the year.
J. Crew Dotted Cummerbund Dress ($225): The clever cummerbund creates a nice shape, and the polka dots are retro and feminine without making you look like an extra from Mad Men.

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