5 Most Heartbreaking Moments in Final Fantasy You Can Totally Miss (Easter Eggs & More)

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When you're talking about the damn near Biblical scope of Final Fantasy as a franchise, then you know there are plenty of scenes that will be forever burned into your mind. Things like Palom and Porom sacrificing themselves into stone statues to keep Cecil's party from being crushed to death in Castle Baron, the moment Zidane threw off his cloak to reveal he had survived the battle in the Lifa Tree and Dagger runs to his arms, and the death of Aeris at the hands of Sephiroth.

You remember those moments because we all saw them and talked about them. The thing is, though, there are plenty of great scenes in the games that you might never even see, but rival some of the best work that was mandatory to completing the game. Today we salute the Easter eggs, optional quests, and hidden stories that the average gamer might have missed in their first playthrough.

Gau's Father

In FFVI Gau is a feral child whose father went mad when his mother died in child birth. The man left Gau on a vast veldt full of monsters believing the child was one himself. Gau grew up alone and tough, able to learn the skills of all the world's beast to become the single most powerful character in the game if you know the tricks.

Other than his introduction, though, Gau plays no significant part in the story. Even after the end of the world reuniting with him is as simple as going to the veldt with three people and fighting monsters until he jumps in. There's only one moment when he gets to take the spotlight.

If you get Gau in the World of Ruin, and if you return to his father's house, and if you have him and Sabin (and some reports say Setzer), then you will trigger a scene where the party dresses Gau in a suit to meet the man who abandoned him

Gau's father doesn't recognize Gau at all, but comments on what a fine person he clearly is, and how he still dreams of the demon child he left on the veldt long ago. Sabin threatens to hurt the old man only to be stopped by Gau. Gau tells the party in his broken speech that his father is happy, and that's enough for him.

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