Buyer's Guide to Power Gloves

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It's Christmas time again, and if you want to really impress the gamer in your life, then there's nothing like a Power Glove. Fortunately, the enduring popularity of this awful, awful controller means that you aren't limited to just the original. There are all kinds of interesting Power Gloves out there.

First off, the original and iconic controller from Mattel is not at all hard to find. You see them constantly on eBay, or even Amazon. It's also possible to occasionally get them locally at Game Over. Whatever avenue you take, be prepared to drop $100 on the accessory for a working one in good condition.

Lesser known since it didn't feature in The Wizard was Reality Quest's attempt to make a glove controller for the N64 called simply The Glove. There's no motion-sensing in the thing; it really is just a controller that straps to your wrist. By another measure, though, it does allow you to manipulate the game with one hand only. These generally run for slightly less than the Power Glove on eBay.

In 2006 an enterprising Japanese hacker decided to meld the classic Power Glove with the new Wiimotes and create a motion-sensitive updated version that looks beyond kickass. Unfortunately, all the original links to the maker, including his plans for better future versions, are gone. There is one man who can probably walk you through constructing one, though. Matt Mechtley, K.S.C., is an Instructible contributor who has worked with modifying Power Gloves and Wii peripherals before. If anyone can help you mesh the old and the new, it's him. Best part? Since all the Wii accessories will still work for the Wii U, it will still be compatible with the new system.

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