Free Christmas Movies And TV Specials -- Classic And Not So Classic -- You Can Watch On YouTube

If you have a cruel boss who is still keeping you in the office today, Art Attack is here to help you pass the time with a collection of random Christmas videos you can find free and in full on YouTube.

Maybe you never seen the Star Wars Christmas special. Maybe you want to finally see It's A Wonderful Life, or you just can't enough of Frosty and Rudolph and those once-a-year showings on broadcast TV aren't cutting it.

I also threw in a few Christmas episodes from some of your favorite sitcoms. Trust me, YouTube is an endless time-suck of holiday episodes. Did you know that there was even a Mr. Bean Christmas special?

The Star Wars Holiday Special

We lead off with the holy mother of all Christmas -- er, Life Day -- holiday specials. I never understood the opening credits, after the Han and Chewie bit. Who else would R2 be playing in this special? Luke?

Ernest Saves Christmas

Helper Elves.

Vincent Price: Charles Dickens' The Christmas Carol

Vincent Price and Christmas go together, they really don't.


The good Albert Finney version. Side note: Sadly, Scrooged with Bill Murray is only seen on YouTube in fragments.

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