Five Best Christmas Cartoon Villains

Categories: Film and TV

2. The Grinch from How the Grinch Stole ChristmasThe Grinch is both the hero of this beloved tale and the baddie. He is complex and confused about his own feelings. Why does he hate the Whos so much? Is it because he feels like an outsider, alone at the top of Mount Crumpit? Or did the Whos do something (aside from singing that obnoxious song) to deserve his disdain? He is so evil, there is an entire song about exactly how evil he is... "as cuddly as a cactus."

1. Professor Hinkle from Frosty the SnowmanProfessor Hinkle is the perfect Christmas villain. He is selfish: When he discovers that the hat he threw away really is magic and can bring a snowman to life, he steals it back. He is stupid: Not only is he a poor magician, but he follows a talking snowman all the way to the North Pole. Who does that? He is nasally: Just hearing him speak the words "Hocus Pocus" is irritating enough that you want to punch him in his oversized nose. Lastly, he has a handlebar mustache and we all know that if you have a handlebar mustache, you must be immoral. (I didn't make that rule up!)

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