5 Reasons Why Making a Great Doctor Who Video Game is Probably Impossible

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For our anniversary, I got my wife an imported copy of Doctor Who: Evacuation Earth for the DS. Before you call me Homer Simpson giving Marge a bowling ball know that she specifically asked for this. Unfortunately, she gave it up pretty quickly as soon as she discovered the game was really nothing more than a Brand X Professor Layton. I lasted just slightly longer than she did. What kind of crap Doctor Who adventure gives you a sonic screwdriver at the get-go, but makes you look for a lock pick?

The experience did make me decide to replay Doctor Who: Eternity Clock on PS3, though. An update thankfully did away with the glitchy mistakes that bothered me the first time around, though nothing can overcome the fact that someone made a 2D jumper with a fully-rendered 3D environment. Making the Doctor navigate something the background clearly indicates he could simply walk around is frankly and insult to how far gaming has come.

I've more or less resigned myself to the fact that making a great Doctor Who game is impossible. I do still have hope though, and maybe if some of the brilliant people tasked with cranking out new games read this they will more fully realize the pitfalls they face.

1. You Have a Protagonist That Can't Kill Anyone

The thing that has always made The Doctor different is his dislike of guns and his refusal to kill people. Sure, sometimes that's not exactly a good thing. After all, he let the Family of Blood live, but trapped them in the kind of Hells that make Dante look at Hieronymus Bosch and say, "I wish I'd thought of that." And yes, despite his moral code The Doctor has in fact killed many living being, sometimes just to casually prove a point.

Those lapses, though are lapses. If you focus on them you get something like Dalek Attack which is basically Metroid starring The Doctor, and thus misses a lot of the point. Seeing as how even the most family friendly of games like the Mario series are still at their hearts one long progression of murder, that leaves not a lot of action left that The Doctor can do.

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