Top 4 Most Bizarrely Awesome Jobs (NSFW)

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Space Mountain Boob Watcher

The United States has lost a lot of jobs either overseas or through being made obsolete by new technology. Buggy whip makers, gas lantern lighters, that sort of thing. Unfortunately, one of those jobs was dedicated boob watcher at Disneyland.

Starting around the turn of the millennium, Disney started addressing what had become a consistent problem. Women would flash the camera on Splash Mountain as they descended the ramp hoping to get on the preview screen at the end of the ride where you can purchase souvenir photos. The only answer was to pay a person to scan each picture before it went on the screen outside to make sure that no one's kids got an eyeful of playful sweater meat.

Sadly, in 2009 Disney dissolved the position after coming to the conclusion that the supply of exhibitionist young ladies wasn't ample enough to justify assigning a person for that task alone. You hear that, girls? Your unwillingness to show off your boobs on a log flume cost a man the job of a lifetime.

At least someone was responsible enough to make sure that an accurate photographic chronicle of the Happiest Employee on Earth's brief reign will never be forgotten. We can only hope that one day a pioneering group of women will so flood the screens at Disneyland with impressive racks that this job will return.

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Linda Ferrall Salazar
Linda Ferrall Salazar

Giving out free samples of valentine candy in a mall as a teenager.....sweet!

David Rozycki
David Rozycki

I interviewed for a job where you pretended to be a patient with medical students from foreign countries. You had to act like a typical American patient to get them used to interacting with Americans.

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