Top 4 Most Bizarrely Awesome Jobs (NSFW)

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Though it's recovering at a sloooooooow but steady rate, there are still a lot of people here in America out of work. More than that, the fact that the job market is so depressed means that even people with jobs are suffering. Not as much, of course, but consider this:

How many of you are sticking with employers you loathe simply for the health insurance and the steady paycheck? In the environment we have right now it's just too much of a risk to go back to school to pursue something better, or venture out on your own to form that dream business you've always wanted.

Still, every economic indicator points to light at the end of the tunnel if we can hold on. One day soon you'll be in a position to strike out for the Promised Land in search of a profession that will truly make you happy. In anticipation of that happy day, I present to you five gigs people have snagged to prove that you can love your work because it is awesome!

Hollywood Forever Cemetery Guide

awesomejob2 alan light.jpg
Photo by Alan Light
Admittedly, this might only appeal to tiny black gothic hearts such as the one pumping wine through my bloodstream. Still, even the most solid, unimaginative citizen can see the appeal of working in America's coolest cemetery, Hollywood Forever.

Meet Karen Bible. Dressed in black and carrying a lacy parasol, she guides visitors through a two-hour look at the titans of entertainment that are laid to rest in the graveyard. There's no sleazy hyperbole on her watch. She deals in nothing but the honest, fascinating truth, so do not start correcting her with Kenneth Anger Hollywood Babylon bullshit, OK?

Stops on her walk include the first movie star, Florence Lawrence, whose unmarked grave was finally given its monument at the behest of Bewitched star David White. She's also run into Angelica Huston visiting the grave of her father director John Huston, whose small, cracked headstone gives no indication of how monumental a figure he was in life.

Just for extra fun, on August 23 every year Bible dresses in a period outfit in order to honor the famous Lady in Black, who would visit Rudolph Valentino's grave once a year on the anniversary of his death and leave a single red rose.

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Linda Ferrall Salazar
Linda Ferrall Salazar

Giving out free samples of valentine candy in a mall as a teenager.....sweet!

David Rozycki
David Rozycki

I interviewed for a job where you pretended to be a patient with medical students from foreign countries. You had to act like a typical American patient to get them used to interacting with Americans.

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