Doctor Who: 5 Men Who Were Almost The Doctor

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The Seventh Doctor Was: Sylvester McCoy is a great Doctor once you get past the fact that producer John Nathan-Turner dressed him in an outfit that made Colin Baker's look suave. Once he found his foothold, though, McCoy became possibly the most cunning and manipulative of all the Doctors. In a way, he is the most alien, and though he cares for his companions he is not above using them as chess pieces. Unfortunately, the performance he brought was too late to regain the audience the show had lost in the last decade, and he was the last Doctor save McGann for 16 years.

But It Was Almost: If the only thing you know about Rowan Atkinson is Mr. Bean then I pity you for having never seen Black Adder. It's on Netflix streaming right now. Go watch it. I'll wait.

In case you didn't have time to go watch it, I'll give you the breakdown. Atkinson is a tremendous physical comedian, yes, but he's also capable of the driest, most sarcastic wit since Oscar Wilde. Not to mention capable of a tremendous darkness rivaling McCoy's own. It's a toss-up whether Atkinson would have been able to turn the tide of the clownish approach set out by Nathan-Turner as McCoy did, but if he had he probably would have gone down in the show's history the greatest Doctor of all.

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It's not taking my comment so I'll try one more time...testing 123...

As I pointed out on Twitter, Rowan Atkinson actually WAS the Doctor, just not officially.  This definitely deserved a mention in the article - worth watching if you've not already seen it.

JefWithOneF topcommenter

@melissa I knew that, and I should've mentioned it. Damn thing was already running so long though that I left it out. Thanks for posting the video, though!

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