Doctor Who: 5 Men Who Were Almost The Doctor

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The Third Doctor Was: Jon Pertwee came into Doctor Who from comedic roles, but turned in the most action-packed and angry incarnation of The Doctor ever done. If you lined the other ten up against him in a fist fight Three wouldn't even have a mussed coat. He was bitter at his exile on Earth, knew aikido, drove custom cars, and had the exact same attitude as a man in the Bible.

But It Was Almost: Musical star Ron Moody was nominated for a Tony and an Academy Award for the role of Fagin in Lionel Bart's Oliver. At his best playing loveable if slightly shady characters, Moody made a name for himself in children's programming... but only after turning down the role of The Doctor. He later remarked to people that doing so was the worst mistake of his career, and to this day every time he hears the theme song he kicks himself.

Moody, too, did eventually get involved in the show, playing the Duke of Wellington in the radio program Other Lives.

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It's not taking my comment so I'll try one more time...testing 123...

As I pointed out on Twitter, Rowan Atkinson actually WAS the Doctor, just not officially.  This definitely deserved a mention in the article - worth watching if you've not already seen it.

JefWithOneF topcommenter

@melissa I knew that, and I should've mentioned it. Damn thing was already running so long though that I left it out. Thanks for posting the video, though!

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