Trailer Park: The Adaptation of World War Z with Brad Pitt and Ant-People-Zombie Things

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This week the trailer for Brad Pitt's summer 2013 entry, World War Z, dropped online, showing us innumerable zombies, Pitt as a family man, and bullets galore. Would Brad Pitt be as hunky if he wasn't "Brad Pitt"?

Adapting such a well-received novel like Max Brooks's 2006 bestseller World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War is a gamble, but these days all you really need to do to sell a picture to an audience is remind them that zombies are involved in some shape or form and you should recoup at least advertising costs.

The $180 million-budgeted World War Z hits screens on June 21, 2013, which seems like a decade away. It was supposed to have a December release, but creative differences changed the course of production and placement.

Remember that Man of Steel also comes out just a week before this one, too. Your ass is gonna be so sore next summer.

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Did Brad Pitt use his same costumes from Babel? I think he did.

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