Art Attack Gets a Sneak Peek at the Wii U

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I also noticed that the button placement changes the gameplay slightly in a way I can't really nail down. I found myself hitting A when I was aiming for B a lot. This will probably only affect people who for some reason played the game on one system and are now playing it here. One big plus side as well is that all the DLC missions of the earlier releases come standard on the game.

My favorite play of the session was a lesser-mentioned title called The Wonderful 101, an action hero game from the people that brought you Viewtiful Joe. You control an army of up to 101 hilariously costumed vigilantes as they protect a city from alien invaders. It's part King of the Monsters, part Kirby Mass Attack. Your team gangs up on giant foes, forms living weapons and recruits rescued citizens for the league.

The gameplay was a garishly fun beatfest that had me instantly hooked. Switching back and forth from standard game grip to using the touch screen on the tablet to form the army in a sword or gun took some practice, but was still a highly addictive experience.

After an hour testing games, I have to admit that my arms hurt. The controller is light, but you do start to feel the weight after a while. I imagine that just as you could often play different styles between the Wiimote and Nunchuck and more standard grips, you'll have games that are more flexible towards using the tablet or the sold-separately Wii U Pro controller that has a more standard Xbox design.

Regardless, the Wii U ups the power of Nintendo into a realm where it can begin trying to attract more hardcore gamers with titles like Batman and Mass Effect, but still maintain the family entertainment style it pioneered with the Wii. It may truly be the best of both worlds.

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